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Social Network Scams...
Profiles for Ariana reporting to be Official have appeared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Ariana wishes it to be known that she does NOT have personal profiles on these services at this time, so do not let yourself be drawn into a scam. Ariana will always use her official web sites, and to let us know how to communicate with her.

We, the staff of, maintain a facebook profile for the Ariana Richards Internet Fan Community and this web site. Ariana recently granted official status to that profile as a means by which we keep her fans on Facebook informed. To clarify, it is maintained by staff, not by Ariana herself. 

July 18, 2013

Conversations with Ariana:

Ariana is unable to attend our forums for the July edition of "Conversations with Ariana. If you have not already done so, join us, check out the posting guidelines for participating in "Conversations with Ariana," and submit your questions or comments for her next visit, currently planned for August 2.


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May 30, 2013

Ariana at Collectormania 19, Milton Keynes Stadium, UK
On May 25-27, Ariana attended Collectamania 19 which took place at the Milton Keynes Stadium in the UK. Some members of our fan community were able to attend and met her. We have a thread in the "General Ariana Discussion" section of our forums where the event is discussed. There are photos from the event as well as a video interview conducted by Red Carpet News TV. Go check it out.

We'll be adding a section to the media center to include some of the photos.


April 4, 2013

"Raptor Vision" Lithograph on sale through April 28:
Ariana is offering her "Raptor Vision" lithograph on Gallery Ariana at a special sale price. To learn more head over there and take a look at the Film Memorabelia section of her online store. Be sure to check out her other artwork there as well. Thanks to ARIFC member jurassiraptor for sharing this with us.


April 3, 2013

Jurassic Park 20th Anniversary:
We'd like to thank ARIFC member jurassiraptor for sharing a link to an interview Ariana recently did wit Moviefone, discussing Jurassic Park's 20th anniversary, her appearance on Golden Girls, and a quick mention of Jurassic Park IV.

Jurassiraptor also informed us that Ariana's "Raptor Vision" lithograph is currently on sale over on the Gallery Ariana web site. a link

Thanks also go out to ARIFC member Ross Catherall for sharing this link to a brief interview with Steve Spielberg on Jurassic Park's conversion to 3D in which he talks about two scenes that get the 3D treatment which also involve Ariana and Joseph Mazzello.


March 10, 2013

"Battledogs" News - Title Change and Air Date!
Last year, Ariana spent some time in New York filming "Battledogs" (it's working title was "Ward's Island") in which she plays a lead role as  Donna  Voorhies. She told us that the film is directed by  award-winning  cinematographer, Alexander Yellen, and the screenplay is written by Shane Van Dyke (Chernobyl Diaries). In addition to Ariana, The cast includes Daryl Hannah (Blade Runner, Splash, Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias) as Dr. Ellen, and Dennis Haysbert (President David Palmer in "24") as General Monning. Ariana has promised to share more about the filming soon

On September 19, Stephen Gaston reported that, according to The Buffalo News,  Battledogs (formerly "Ward's Island") is going to be a Werewolf movie, and that Buffalo will  serve as a stand-in for New York City. David Sexton tells us that  WIVB TV4 has an article on their web site which goes into a little more detail on the production side of things. There is also a video associated with that article in which Ariana appears briefly. In a visit to our forums on November 3, Ariana mentioned that she learned about speedboat racing and was the subject of a cable pull stunt.

We have just learned that Battledogs will be airing April 6 on SyFy.

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 February 1, 2013

General Site Maintenance
Today we began the process of updating our back-end management systems. The Media Center is now integrated into the same format as the rest of the site. The update process will continue as we fine-tune things. If some elements that were here before today seem to be missing for you, they will be back when we're done. Contact Gregory Jackson if you have any questions or comments regarding the web site. 

November 16, 2012

New Video on Ariana's YouTube Channel
On November 13, Ariana uploaded a new video to YouTube in which she talks about being interviewed for the Yo Show. To view it, head over to the Videos section of Gallery Ariana. Then, join us on our forums if you have not already done so and discuss it.


September 11, 2012

Ariana's Birthday
Ariana celebrated her 33rd birthday today. 


June 9, 2012

Message from Ariana - "It's Official"
Ariana dropped by our forums today and had this to say:

Hi there, It’s Ariana!
And I’m here to tell you some news! Drumroll… my new website Gallery Ariana is finally launched, Yipee! And it’s official, I am becoming ‘computer friendly’ and putting on my calendar to spend time visiting with you here at the forums on the first Friday of each month! I’m really looking forward to this.
I will be starting the forum conversation on June 15th and responding to a few questions. So feel free to go ahead and start posting a thought or two in the “Conversations with Ariana” forum.

See ya on the 15th!

Two days ago, we said that there's no better time than now to join our community. Now you can see why. We look forward to Ariana visiting with us in just a few days. So if you have not already done so, join us and head on over to the Conversations with Ariana forum. Be sure to check out the posting guidelines before submitting your thoughts.

Other Messages from Ariana:
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 June 7, 2012
How things do change...
Ariana's art web site has been redesigned, and she has merged what was originally her separate gift shop web site with it. Be sure to check out the new and improved Gallery Ariana

We've made some changes as well. We recently have switched to some new forum software that allows us much greater functionality, including the ability to log in with your facebook account. There is no better time than now to join our community.

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